About Us

Ms Connie 

Dancing since age 3 Connie knew at a young age she would someday be a dance instructor. Her first teacher was Sally at Walton School of Dance, St. Augustine FL. For the next 16 years, at the early age of 12,  Ms. Connie started teaching classes to preschool children. She trained under the instructions of dance notables such as Anna-Marie Holmes who now stages ballets for major companies, Gregory Hines and Al Gilbert for which are phenomenal tap dancers, and legendary jazz instructors such as Bob Rizzo and Frank Hatchett. Ms. Connie has 33 years of teaching experience. She has teaching certificates from Dance Masters of America,. She is preschool dance certified through Rose Marie Boyden, early childhood dance as well as a YMCA fitness certificate. She holds an Associates Degree in Dance Theater and Entertainment Technology from the FL School of the Arts, and is currently studying Psychology and Business Management at Walter State.       

Education in the Art of Dance

Education in the art of dance develops the knowledge and skills required to create, perform, and understand movement as a means of artistic communication. A comprehensive education includes improvisation, technique, choreography, performance, observation and analysis. Exposure to dance history and cultures, kinesiology and anatomy, and movement theories further enriches the dance educational experience.  

Arts research shows that students who study dance are more

  • Self-motivated, disciplined and focused in their everyday lives.
  • Expressive in their communication of emotions, thoughts and feelings.
  • Creative and imaginative.
  • Able to critically analyze their own work and the work of others.